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Personalized Nutrition Must be Individual, Effective to Succeed – Natural Products INSIDER

Several companies constructed personalized nutrition products based on modern scientific methods. For example, personalized information about specific biomarkers, genes or gut bacteria can be extracted from body fluids. Other personalized information can be obtained by using questionnaires focusing on dietary habits and physical activity. Personalized diet programs, consultations or dietary packages are developed based on… Read More »

Quinn on Nutrition: Managing multiple nutrition conditions – Defiance Crescent News

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Quinn on Nutrition: Managing multiple nutrition conditions  Defiance Crescent News Q: My husband was recently diagnosed with kidney stones (lots of them!) and has been advised to limit high oxalate foods. He was also treated for prostate … "Pharmacy|Nutrition" – Google News

What Is Advocare, Anyway? Here's the Murky Nutrition Behind The Cult-Like Supplement Brand.

No matter how much sleep he gets, my dad has always struggled with low energy. This can come as a surprise to people who know him professionally—he’s an ordained minister who hosts events and gives charismatic speeches and sermons as he paces behind a pulpit. A few years ago, when an out of town pastor… Read More »