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Viewpoints: The FDA Isn’t Up To The Task Of Reining In The Opioid Epidemic; The Downside Of Taking Children From Parents In Drug Treatment

Editorial writers weigh in on these and other health care topics. The Washington Post: This Is Why The Federal Government Has A Hard Time Regulating Prescription Opioids This past week, President Trump argued on national television that to end the opioid epidemic, Congress needed to fund the building of a wall at the United States’… Read More »

Agriculture Isn’t All About The Cash

Youngsters want no lower than one hour per day of consistent play. Bariatric patients must have food which is low in calorie, fats and carbohydrates. Very often people could have a chunk of fruit, a weight-reduction plan yoghurt or a low-fat muffin for their mid-morning or mid-afternoon meal in their quest to lose physique fats.… Read More »