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DNA could give clues to lifespan

Scientists say they can predict whether someone can expect to live longer than average or die sooner by examining their DNA. A team of researchers in Scotland has produced a scoring system to analyse the combined effect of genetic variations that influence lifespan. People who score in the top 10 per cent of the population… Read More »

Dozens of patients left with ‘blind patches’ could sue a lens manufacturer

Dozens of patients ‘left with blind patches’ could sue a lens manufacturer after routine operation worsened their eyesight As many as 800 people are thought to have vision problems from the lenses  The lenses, made by Oculentis, were used five to seven years ago for cataracts But calcium deposits have built up in people’s eyes… Read More »

How blockchain could make an impact in healthcare

Blockchain, like other young and disruptive technologies, offers wide opportunities to impact healthcare, an industry that is primed for disruption. Despite being the largest sector of the U.S. economy, healthcare is plagued by slow systems, wasteful financing, and resource utilization and operational inefficiencies. To address these issues, innovative solutions like blockchain can alter the arithmetic… Read More »